DyNetworkX is a Python package for the study of dynamic network analysis (DNA). It is a fork of NetworkX package. Thus, implementation, documentation and the development of DyNetworkX is heavily influenced by NetworkX.

DyNetworkX provides

  • tools for the study of the structure of dynamic networks.
  • all dynamic graph types can be converted to one or more of NetworkX graph types, allowing access to a verity of network algorithms.


The audience for DyNetworkX includes mathematicians, physicists, biologists, computer scientists, and social scientists. Overall, everyone interested in analyzing dynamic networks.


Python is a powerful programming language that allows simple and flexible representations of networks as well as clear and concise expressions of network algorithms. Python has a vibrant and growing ecosystem of packages that NetworkX uses to provide more features such as numerical linear algebra and drawing. In order to make the most out of NetworkX you will want to know how to write basic programs in Python. Among the many guides to Python, we recommend the Python documentation.

Free software

Released under the 3-Clause BSD license. More information can be found under Licence.


DyNetworkX is developed by IDEAS Lab @ The University of Toledo.

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